Low Level Knowledge of Sexual Health

Low Level Knowledge of Sexual Health

Health is of extreme importance for all human beings as this life is not worth living if you aren’t healthy. A person who stays unhealthy for long periods of his life can’t enjoy various wonders of the world, can’t do anything productive consistently and can prove to be a burden on the people who care about him. So, it’s important that everybody takes care of their health as much as possible.

It is true that almost everyone gives priority to their physical health. However, according to AUA’s recent report, most people give little to no importance to their sexual health. Your sexual well-being is extremely important for your physical health as any sexual issues would obviously affect both your body and your mind. 

The AUA (American Urological Association) in a recent press release shared their findings about the lack of knowledge found amongst men as far as their sexual health is concerned. The press release said that males belonging to different races, ethnicities and backgrounds all either have little to no knowledge about STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections), STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) and HIV/AIDs or don’t take enough precautions in order to keep themselves and their sexual partners save from them. 

According to a survey conducted by The AUA, around 57% of the males pointed out that they didn’t use any sort of protection during sexual intercourse. More worryingly, around 21% of the respondents said that they had an STI in the past year and had sex while having one. To bring home the point that males have low level knowledge of sexual health, the survey also showed that around 80% of the respondents said that there was little to no chance of them getting an STI or HIV even though most of the respondents didn’t practice safe sex. The survey’s sample size was 264 males. 

Risk of Testicular Cancer

It’s not just about STI or HIV that people have little knowledge about. The AUA survey also showed a shockingly low level of knowledge about testicular cancer amongst males. Around 30% of the respondents of the survey actually said that they believed that males don’t get testicular cancer. Moreover, 63% of the respondents said that they don’t know about how to conduct self-examination in order to check for testicular cancer. 

The risk of testicular cancer remains very high amongst males if they don’t keep their sexual health in check. Overall, according to American Cancer Society, around 1 out of every 263 males in the world is diagnosed with the disease with people in the age of 25-38 often being the main targets of testicular cancer. 

Self-Examination for Testicular Cancer

Knowing about how to conduct self-examination for testicular cancer is important as once you will know how to check yourself, it would be easier to diagnose the disease early in the unfortunate case that you get testicular cancer. The examination is pretty simple. 


Start the examination after you have taken a bath.

Keep the penis to one side and check each testicle one by one.

Pick up the testicle between your fingers and thumbs of both hands and roll it slowly with your fingers. 

Keep looking for any bumps or lumps during the examination and keep an eye for any change that you feel in the consistency of the testicle while you roll it with your fingers.

In case you find anything that even feels like a small bump or lump, contact your doctor immediately. 

Risk of HIV Infection

HIV infection can prove to be life-threatening and so, it’s important that you know about it and take precautions to avoid it at all costs. People who don’t give much importance to their sexual well-being often fall prey to the HIV infection. According to HIV Aware, around 2.3 million people or more are diagnosed with the HIV infections every year while there have been than 1.6 million deaths as a result of AIDs. 

Moreover, people who are sexually active and have intercourse without protection like the use of condoms are often placed at a higher risk of getting the HIV infection. 

Sexual Health Testing

In order to ensure that both you and your partner is sexually health and you can easily have sexual intercourse without the risk of infecting each other, you can make use of the services of the STI clinic (http://www.thesticlinic.com). You can order the tests online and all you need to do is to appear for the test. The test reports can be picked up around 4 hours after the test itself with all recognized UK health organizations approving the testing methods employed by the STI clinic.

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