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Have you recently moved to a new area and don't yet have your local health care set up? If you are feeling the stress of having to try and find a new doctors surgery for you and your family, a new dentist for you, an orthodontist for your kids and a physio for your husband; then do not fret, The Health Net are here to help you to find the services that you need.

It is daunting enough moving to a new area, you have new jobs, new schools, you need to find your new local supermarket and of course make friends, all while furnishing and decorating your new home. The last thing on your mind, which is actually the most important thing that should be on your mind, is setting up new health care relationships. It is very easy to forget to register at a new doctors surgery, until you fall ill of course. Then you have the added stress of trying to register while feeling ill and trying to balance a busy lifestyle. It is also a pain when waiting lists for services like physio and dental work can be so long, and you suddenly realise that you are in a lot of pain or haven't had a check up for quite some time. 

To save you the trouble, The Health Net offer a comprehensive service to get you set up with the health care services that you and your family need. All you need to do when you have a spare five minutes is give us a call on our absolutely free hotline. Our staff is here to help you 24 hours a day and seven days a week, so whatever time is convenient for you, is also convenient for us! 


Here is what to do:

When you call you will simply need to give us your name and new address. You can then tell us the services that you will require, for example doctors, dentist, physio, orthodontist, midwife etc. You will need to give us the names of your family members that require these services and the names of your previous (if you have had them before) service providers. We will then get to work, contacting the closest and most suitable services for you, taking into account waiting times and capacities of surgeries. We will then register you to them, and get your previous health care history sent over to their databases. Once we have registered you, we will call you to confirm that we have done so. We will then send you by post or email (which ever one you would prefer) the details of your new services, including addresses, contact telephone numbers, names of practitioners and opening times. You may also have reference numbers and customer numbers. On top of that we will also send you your first booking appointment times. All you will then need to do is bring along a form of ID for your first visit to confirm your identity.  


For any queries, please contact our friendly team now!

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